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Experience the Perfect Getaway with us and explore Iceland’s Breathtaking Landscapes with Ultimate Freedom and Comfort!

What Makes Our Campers So Cozy and Comfortable?

Experience the allure of the majestic Icelandic landscapes like never before in our one-of-a-kind campervans, meticulously crafted with precision and unrivalled expertise.

Sleep Like a Baby

Begin by bidding complicated bedding arrangements farewell. One of the most comfortable beds you’ll find is in one of our campers’ super-magical sofas.

Under the Star-Studded Sky

Check out the breathtaking panorama sky roof of the Highlander Camper. For you to fully comprehend Iceland’s breathtaking beauty, we’ve cut a window into the sky.

Paint the Night

Use the mood lighting provided to get into the groove. We have a color that will go with your mood, whether it be relaxed serenity or disco dynamite!

Who Requires a Sleeping Bag?

Throw away your old sleeping bags and cuddle up under one of our plush goose-down duvets to get some rest before your next adventure!

Cozy Campers Chronicle

The Best Campgrounds in Iceland, Discover Iceland’s Charm

Prepare to enjoy a midnight sun soak or cozy up in your campervan while the northern lights dance above you. Every corner of this enchanted country reveals a scenic combination of UNESCO-listed locations as well as hidden gems that are thought to be off the beaten path, making camping in its breathtaking landscapes a dream journey that awaits you.

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Exploring the Delicacies of Icelandic Cuisine – An In-depth Review

Iceland, a Nordic island nation, gets its exceptional cuisine from its cultural roots in Scandinavian gastronomy established when the Norse Vikings first settled here around the 9th century. The cuisine primarily revolves around staple ingredients, including fish, bread, dairy, potatoes, and lamb owing, in part, to the country being surrounded by the ocean. 

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Experience Iceland: An Epic Adventure Waiting to Happen

Deploying an intoxicating mix of otherworldly landscapes, natural wonders, and rich cultural experiences – Iceland is an inspiring destination that surpasses expectations. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, an experiential photographer, a wildlife enthusiast, a gourmand or a nature lover – Iceland offers endless opportunities to enjoy, engage, and explore. 

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The Cozy Crew

Our talented and dynamic group of 17 professionals each plays a special part in defining your camper’s adventure. Each camper is meticulously built with expert craftsmanship, our vans are meticulously maintained for every trip, and our customer service experts ensure that every interaction with Cozy Campers is enjoyable. Together, we make up the devoted crew, working tirelessly to achieve perfection and putting our common love of travel into practice by giving you unforgettable experiences in Iceland.

Birkir Benediktsson


Birkir, our founder and CEO, is leading the way with Cozy Campers, He has extensive experience in both carpentry and mechanics. He created the ideal camper rental experience in Iceland by fusing his skill set with his love of travel and craftsmanship.

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Harpa Sól Benediktsdóttir

Office Manager

Harpa keeps things running smoothly and makes sure that every part of the Cozy machine functions without a hitch, thanks to her keen organisational skills. Harpa is an administrative powerhouse, managing every aspect of our camper adventures, from camper schedules to customer interactions.

Aron Birkisson

Inventory Manager

Aron is our go-to expert for “knowing where everything is,” Aron makes sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks by meticulously monitoring and managing each item in our inventory. Our camper experiences are flawlessly outfitted for each adventure thanks to him.

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