About us

Our Story

Our inception in 2014 was brought about by our intuitive founder, Birkir Már Benediktsson (alias, “Mr. B”), who identified a demand for high-quality camper rentals in the burgeoning Icelandic market. Having an extensive background in carpentry and automotive mechanics, Mr B. launched Cozy Campers by transforming a fleet of standard vans into high-quality campers. His ethos of delivering the most comfortable, contemporary campervans continues to pervade every aspect of our production.

In our quest for excellence, we recognize that a remarkable product must be supported by exceptional customer service. We strive to go the extra mile so that your Icelandic adventure is nothing less than extraordinary and leaves you with fond memories. Furthermore, we provide round-the-clock access to an emergency contact number for immediate assistance when necessary.

Cozy Campers, Iceland’s premium camper rental company, where versatility meets comfort in the heart of adventure.

Each of our campervans, distinctively designed for quality and convenience, are outfitted with all the prerequisites for an unrivaled vacationing experience. With Cozy Campers, you gain not just cost-effective travel, but the complete freedom to chart your own journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland. We firmly believe that our campers present the optimum way to traverse our beautiful country.

What differentiates Cozy Campers?

When conceiving each Cozy Camper model, we always ask ourselves: “Would this camper be a haven we would choose to inhabit for an extended trip through Iceland?”

Acknowledging the capricious character of Iceland’s weather, often fickle even during summer, we understand the possibility of you spending considerable time aboard your camper due to unfavorable weather. Thus, it is incumbent upon us to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable environment within the camper. So that, even when it’s raining outside, you can relax in snug warmth, perhaps cooking a homely meal whilst relishing the view through the window.

When you choose a Cozy Camper, you’re ensured of:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi availability
  • Convenient transfer to and from Cozy Campers
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage (CDW) included as standard
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Fuel discount card
  • Complimentary camper cleaning service

With Cozy Campers, you’re signing up for a premier, professional travel experience with the highest level of customer commitment. Come, embark on an authentic Icelandic adventure with us.